Visionaries and history makers share their experiences with philanthropy and science, art, music, history, LGBTQ rights, education, and the environment, all captured in an inspiring year-long ride around the globe.

MAUI | Haleakala Observatory / Pacific Science Institute

PALESTINE | SkateQilya

CUBA | Amigo Skate | Photo: Emmy Park

JAMAICA | Longboarding For Peace

GLOBAL | Let It Flow

USA | BoardRescue

So, what’s Humanity Stoked, anyway?

It’s where human interest meets human rights   |  It’s where education and inspiration meets entertainment.

It is the intersection of humanity, philanthropy, compelling stories, breathtaking locations, and gorgeous rides around the world.

It is a philanthropic journey as told through luminaries and thought-leaders memorializing their personal stories, passions, perspectives and their connections to skateboarding, humanity, philanthropy, arts and sciences, music, human rights, LGBTQ rights, environmental issues, politics, the law, and more, all while raising awareness and money to help fund those very causes.

Humanity Stoked presents these subjects, that are critical to the advancement of humanity in newer, less conventional ways, with an appeal to larger, and more diverse groups of viewers.

Let’s Understand Philanthropy & Humanity

Philanthropy: (from Greek φιλανθρωπία) means etymologically, the love of humanity, in the sense of caring, nourishing, developing, and enhancing what it means to be human.

“Over time, the connotative shift of the word ‘philanthropy’ towards money, not to mention great wealth, has taken it out of reach for most people, whom as a result,  have never even considered incorporating philanthropy into their lives. The ripple effect robs humanity of so much love at a time when it needs it most. It’s about connecting more, and caring more about the world all around us.” 
~ Michael Ien Cohen, Founder, the WhatStopsYou.org Foundation

Luminaries / Leaders, Riders, Cast and Crew

Tony Hawk

Luminary / Leader | Rider
Pro Skateboarder | Skateboarding Hall of Fame
Humanitarian | Founder, Tony Hawk Foundation
Skateboarding legend, pioneer, award winner
Considered the most influential skateboarder of all time
Born:  Carlsbad, CA | Based: Carlsbad, CA | Age: 50

Bob Burnquist

Luminary / Leader | Rider
Pro Skateboarder | Skateboarding Hall of Fame
Skydiver | Pilot | BASE Jumper | Industry innovator
X Games Champion | Multiple award winner
Dreamland – Mega Ramp designer / Owner
Born:  Rio de Janeiro, Brazil | Based: Vista, CA | Age: 42

Nyjah Huston

Luminary / Leader | Rider
Pro Skateboarder | Multiple X Games medal winner
1st place – Street League comp series for 6 years
Sponsored by Nike, Monster Energy & more
Co-Founder, Let It Flow, water charity
Born: Davis, CA | Based: Laguna Beach, CA | Age: 24

Leticia Bufoni

Luminary / Leader | Rider
Pro Skateboarder | Multiple X Games medal winner
6 straight SKB Street medals | Star of “Leticia, Let’s Go”
Sponsored by Nike, Red Bull, Plan B Skateboards
Boarding for Breast Cancer Ambassador
Born: São Paulo, Brazil | Based: Los Angeles, CA | Age: 25

Paul Rodriguez

Luminary / Leader | Rider
Pro Skateboarder | Multiple X Games gold medal winner
1st place – Street League comp series for 4 years
Entrepreneur, First skater to have their own Nike Shoe
Sponsored by Nike, Primitive, Venture, Glassy and more
Born: Tarzana, CA | Based: Northridge, CA | Age: 33

Jon Rose - Humanity Stoked the Film

Vanessa Torres

Luminary / Leader | Rider
Pro Skateboarder | Multiple X Games medal winner
1st female X Games Gold medal winner
Sponsored by Meow Skateboards,
Featured in 2017’s ““Quit Your Day Job”
Born: Anaheim, CA | Based: Los Angeles, CA | Age: 32

Chris Cole

Luminary / Leader | Rider
Pro Skateboarder | Multiple X Games medal winner
1st place – Street League comp series for 5 years
Thrasher Magazine’s Skater of the Year 2005, Entrepreneur
Sponsored by PlanB, GoPro, Spitfire, Bones, Thunder Trucks
Born: Statesville, NC | Based: San Diego, CA | Age: 36

Brian Anderson

Luminary / Leader | Rider
Pro Skateboarder | LGBTQ Activist | Artist
Thrasher Magazine’s Skater of the Year 1999, Entrepreneur
!st Place, World Cup of Skateboarding 1999, Germany
Sponsored by Anti Hero. Nike SB, Independent, Bones, more
Born: Groton, CT, NJ | Queens, NY | Age 42

Boo Johnson

Luminary / Leader | Rider
Pro Skateboarder | Entrepreneur
Founder/President Just Have Fun Co.
Sponsored by Diamond Supply, JHF Co., Bones Wheels, more
Born: Tehachapi, CA, | Based: Long Beach, CA | Age 26

Lizzie Armanto

Luminary / Leader | Rider
Pro Skateboarder | Multiple X Games medal winner
1st woman to successfully skate The Loop, 360-degree ramp
Winner, Van Doren Invitational 2014
Sponsored by Vans, Monster, Birdhouse, Bones Swiss & more
Born: Santa Monica, CA | Based: Oceanside, CA | Age: 25

Alec Beck

Luminary / Leader | Rider
Pro Skateboarder for Birdhouse | Skateboard Advocate
Programs Manager, Tony Hawk Foundation
Host, Cars of Skateboarding on RIDE Channel
Born: Milky Way Galaxy | Based: Vista, CA | Age: Timeless

Christian Hosoi

Luminary / Leader | Rider
Pro Skateboarder | Ordained Pastor
Author | Inspirational Public Speaker
Skateboarding Hall of Fame Inductee
Born:  Los Angeles, CA | Based: Huntington Beach, CA | Age: 51

Tony Alva

Luminary / Leader | Rider
Pro Skateboarder | Musician, Surfer
Entrepreneur, Original Z-Boys Member
Vert Pioneer | Skateboarding Hall of Fame Inductee
Born:  Santa Monica, CA | Based: Santa Monica, CA | Age: 61

Steve Olson

Luminary / Leader | Rider
Pro Skateboarder | Skateboarding Hall of Fame
Iconic vertical and Slalom skateboard champion
Surfer, Athlete, Musician, art therapy proponent
World renowned artist, sculptor, humanist
Born:  Long Beach, CA | Based: Long Beach, CA | Age: 57

Amelia Brodka

Luminary / Leader | Rider
Pro Skateboarder | Documentary Filmmaker | Writer
Founder/Event Coordinator – nonprofit EXPOSURE Skate
Born: Leżajsk, Poland  | Based: Vista, CA | Age 30

Cara-Beth Burnside

Luminary / Leader | Rider
Pro Skateboarder | Summer & Winter X Games medal winner
Co-Founder: The Alliance, Hoopla Skateboards &
Women’s Skateboard Alliance (WSA)
Member of 1st USA Olympic Snowboard Team
Born:  Orange, CA | Based: Oceanside, CA | Age: 48

Valeria Kechichian

Luminary / Leader | Rider
Longboard Girls Crew Co-Founder & CEO
Humanitarian: “The Shift” visionary & leader, Skateboarder
Professional Speaker: TEDx, EuroSIMA, ISPO & more
Born: Buenos Aires, Argentina | Based: “HomeFree” / The World | Age 37

Courtney Payne-Taylor

Luminary / Leader | Rider
Founder, GRO – Girls Riders Organization, Inc.
Recipient TOYOTA / ESPN Everyday Heroes Award
Inspirational speaker / educator, Skateboarder
Born: Brooklyn, NY | Based: Brooklyn, NY | Age: 32

Bam Margera

Luminary / Leader | Rider
Pro skateboarder | Televison personality
Stunt performer | Actor | Filmmaker
‘Jackass: The Film’ series
Born: West Chester, PA | Based: Pocopson, PA | Age: 38

Brandon Novak

Luminary / Leader | Rider
Author | Actor | Stunt Performer
National Business Dev. |Banyan Treatment Center
Public Speaker | Licensed Interventionalist
Born: Baltimore, MD | Based: Philadelphia, PA | Age: 39

José González

Luminary / Leader | Rider
Guitarist, Song Writer, Singer
Solo artist and member of award wining band, Junip
Musical force behind the Secret Life of Walter Mitty
Three time Grammy nominated artist
Born: Gothenburg, Sweden | Based: Gothenburg, Sweden | Age: 40

Ray Barbee

Luminary / Leader / Rider
Professional Skater | Professional Photographer
Professional Musician / Multi-instrumentalist
Transworld Magazine Legend Award Recipient
Born: San Jose, CA | Based: Long Beach, CA | Age 47

Tommy Guerrero

Luminary / Leader / Rider
Pro Skater | Skateboarding Hall of Fame
Professional Musician / Transworld “Legend” award
Street skating pioneer | Bones Brigade Member
Born: San Francisco, CA | Based: San Francisco, CA | Age 52

Chuck Treece

Luminary / Leader / Rider
Iconic pro skater – Renowned session musician
Founder, Skate-Punk band, McRad
Prestigious Pew Fellowship in the Arts awardee
First African-American to make the cover of Thrasher
Born: Newark, DE | Based: Philadelphia, PA | Age 54

Jason Moran

Luminary / Leader
American jazz pianist, composer and educator
Scored the award winning movie “Selma”
Kennedy Center musical adviser for jazz
USA Prudential Fellow and MacArthur Fellow
Born: Huston, TX | Based: New York, NY | Age 43

Arturo O’Farrill

Luminary / Leader
Five time Grammy award-winning Afro-Latin Jazz Composer,
Pianist, Bandleader, Philanthropist
Founder: The Afro Latin Jazz Alliance
Born: Mexico City, Mexico | Based: New York, NY | Age 56

Ben Jafee

Luminary / Leader / Rider
Creative director , Preservation Hall Jazz Band
Band awarded SFJAZZ Lifetime Achievement Award
Band awarded the National Medal of Arts Medal
Band awarded the NAACP image award
Born: New Orleans, LA | Based: New Orleans, LA | Age 46

Jess Margera

Luminary / Leader | Rider
Skateboarder | Musician
Drummer | Founding Member, CKY
Born: West Chester, PA | Based: West Chester, PA | Age: 39

Ray LeVier

Luminary / Leader 
Profesional Drummer | Composer | Singer
Music Producer | Inspirational Speaker
Appeared on Oprah TLC, Nat Geo, NBC, CBS, Fox
Born: Ridgewood, NJ | Based: Nyack, NY | Age 49

Ron Gallo

Luminary / Leader | Rider
Guitarist, Song Writer, Singer
New Release “Heavy Meta” on New West Records
Born: Philadelphia, PA | Based: Nashville, TN | Age: 28

Steven Sandifer

Luminary / Leader 
Musician, Drummer, Percussionist, Bassist
Solo artist and member of Dangermuffin
Born: James Island, SC | Based: Charleston, SC | Age: 43

Chris Koch

Luminary / Leader | Rider
Co-Founder and inspirational force behind “If I Can” (ifican.ca)
Inspirational public speaker | TEDx, TV and Radio
Humanitarian, marathoner, world traveler
Born: Nanton, Canada | Based: Calgary, Canada | Age 37

Jerry “Zoolander” Diaz

Luminary / Leader | Rider
Top ranked profesional WCMX rider
Metal fabrication artist
Inspirational speaker | Cure advocate
Born: Puerto Rico | Based: Orlando, FL | Age 32

Rob Machado

Luminary / Leader | Rider
Pro Surfer | Musician | Humanitarian
Surfers Hall of Fame Inductee
Winner, Hawaii’s Pipeline Masters & US Open
Founder, Rob Machado Foundation
Born: Sydney, Australia | Based: San Diego, CA | Age: 45

Tatiana Weston-Webb

Luminary / Leader | Rider
Pro Surfer | Humanitarian
2016 WSL Championship Tour US Open event Winner
2015 World Surf League’s Rookie of the Year
2013 and 2014 ISA World Junior Champion
Supporter, Changing Tides Foundation
Born: Porto Alegre, Brazil | Hanalei, Hawaii | Age: 22

Jon Rose - Humanity Stoked the Film

Jon Rose

Luminary / Leader | Rider
Pro Surfer |  Humanitarian
Founder, Waves For Water
United Nations Partner | Skateboarder
Born: Golden, CO | Based: Topanga, CA | Age: 40

Jeff Clark

Luminary / Leader | Rider
The first to surf the giant waves at Mavericks
Mavericks competition Founder
Inspirational public speaker | Surfboard designer
Recognized as one of the worlds best big wave riders
Born: Redwood City, CA | Based: Half Moon Bay, CA | Age 62

Dani Burt

Luminary / Leader | Rider
Pro Adaptive Surfer | Above knee Amputee
2017 ISA World Adaptive Surfing Champion
Doctor of Physical Therapy | Public Speaker
Born: Anaheim, CA | Based: San Dieago, CA | Age: 32

Cori Schumacher

Luminary / Leader | Rider
Visionary Carlsbad City Councilwoman
2018 Carlsbad, CA Mayoral Candidate
Environmental & Human Rights Activist
Co-Founder, The Inspire Initiative non-profit
Three-time Women’s World Longboard Champion
Born: Huntington Beach, CA | Based: Carlsbad, CA | Age: 42

Barry Goldwater Jr.

Luminary / Leader | Rider
Former Republican Congressman
Chairman of TUSK (pro solar advocacy group)
Pro LGBTQ equality and Environmental Protection
Entrepreneur | Public Speaker
Born: Scottsdale, AZ | Based: Scottsdale, AZ | Age: 80

Israel ‘IZZY’ Dejene

Luminary / Leader | Rider
Founder of Megabiskate in Ethopia
Inspirational speaker | TedX | Musician
Global Citizen “From Africa with Love” award winner
Born: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia | Based: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia | Age 32

Dr. Adrian Lenardic, PhD

Luminary / Leader | Rider
Professor of Geophysics, Rice University | Director of Sk8LabHouston
National Science Foundation Career Recipient
University of California Presidents PostDoctoral Fellow
UNLV Speaker: Tectonics, Climate, and Planetary Life Potential, Skateboarder
Born: Zagreb, Croatia | Based: Houston, TX | Age: 53

Garrett Lisi - Humanity Stoked the Film

Garrett Lisi, PhD

Luminary / Leader | Rider
Theoretical Physicist | Surfer
Director, Pacific Science Institute
Adventure Sports Enthusiast, Skateboarder
Born: San Diego, CA | Based: Maui, HI | Age: 51

Garrett Lisi - Humanity Stoked the Film

Greg Autry, PhD

Luminary / Leader | Rider
Entrepreneurship Professor USC |
Former NASA White House Liaison
Coauthor & Producer “Death by China”
Cofounder, 121C Skateboard | Speaker
Director, SC Commercial Spaceflight initiative
Born: Torrance , CA | Based: Yorba Linda, CA | Age: 55

Hamish Brewer

Luminary / Leader | Rider
Award Winning Principal | Speaker |  Maverick
The ‘Relentless Principal’, Educational Disruptor, Change Agent
Internationally Known – ‘The Skateboarding, Tattooed Principal’
Founder: Relentless Learning | Turn Around Principal
Born: Wellington, New Zealand / Based: Washington DC / Age 42

Gary Ream

Luminary / Leader
Chairman, Tokyo 2020 Skateboarding Commission
Chairman, World Skate Skateboarding Commission
Founder, Camp Woodward | Humanitarian
Born: Centre County, PA | Based: Rivera Beach , FL | Age: 64

Steve Van Doren

Luminary / Leader | Rider
Vice President, Van’s
Disaster relief Philanthropist
Skate and surf apparel industry icon
Born: Quincy, MA | Based: Fullerton, CA | Age 62

Wing Lam

Luminary / Leader | Rider
Co-founded  Wahoo Fish Tacos
Inspirational public speaker | Philanthropist
Surfer, Snowboarder, Skater
Born: Sao Paulo, Brazil | Based: Costa Mesa, CA | Age 59

Robert Brink

Luminary / Leader | Rider
Host, Writer & Co-Producer, Weekend Buzz
Contributing Writer, Playboy
Director of Content, Social Media & Digital Marketing
Founder/Owner: The Hundredth Acre
Born: Bloomfield, NJ | Laguna Beach, CA | Age 43

Don Tashmen

Luminary / Leader | Rider
Founder of Loaded Boards | Founder of Orangatang Wheels
Socially conscious entrepreneur and humanitarian
Born: Los Angeles, CA | Based: Los Angeles, CA | Age 43

Micaela Ramirez

Luminary / Leader | Rider
Founder/President of the Poseiden Foundation
“Dream Weaver” I AM HUMAN Inspirer & leader
Board Member, USA Skateboarding Olympic committee
Female empowerment advocate and activist
Born: Camp Pendleton, CA | Based: North County, CA | Age 38

Yulin Olliver

Luminary / Leader | Rider
Founder of CEO of the Yunexis Agency
Entrepreneur, Athlete Agent and Advocate
Rep for the world’s top female pro skateboarders
Former exec at X Games, FUEL TV and Fox Sports
Born: Boston, MA | Based: Los Angeles, CA | Age 37

Peter Shapiro

Luminary / Leader

Entrepreneur, Producer, Filmmaker
Humanitarian, Concert Promoter
Owner: Brooklyn Bowl, The Capital Theater,  Relix Magazine
Born: New York, NY | Based: New York, NY | Age: 47


Skate Moss (Victoria Taylor)

Luminary / Leader

Entrepreneur, Fashion Designer, Model
Social Media Influencer | Student
Sponsors: Puma, Sovrn, Dickies Girl
Born: Salt Lake City, UT | Based: Los Angeles, CA | Age: 22


Daniel Gesmer

Luminary / Leader / Rider
Founder / Owner, Seismic Skate Systems
Former Professional Skateboarder
Inventor / entrepreneur, freestyle innovator, polymath,
writer / editor New York Times, Yale graduate
Born: Rockford, IL| Based: Boulder, CO | Age 55



Carson Kropfl

Luminary / Leader | Rider
Student, entrepreneur, inspirational speaker
Founder of Locker Board
Winner on SharkTank deal with Sir Richard Branson
Born: San Clemente, CA | Based: San Clemente, CA | Age 15

Josh Steimle

Luminary / Leader | Rider
Entrepreneur, Author, Journalist
Speaker, Podcaster, Artist
Ultra Trail Runner, Skateboarder
Born: Los Angeles, CA | Based: Shenzhen, China | Age: 43


Matthew Maday

Luminary / Leader | Rider
Serial Entrepreneur | Polymath | Educator
Semiprofessional Ultra Runner | Life Enthusiast
Prolific Speaker | Founder of Dreams Beyond Reality
Pilot | Award-Winning Author | Blind Runner Guide
Born: Chicago, United States | Based: Continually In-Motion | Age: 45

Cheryl Hunter

Luminary / Leader | Rider
Kidnapping Survivor turned Coach | Victim’s Rights Advocate
Documentary Filmmaker | Surfer
Founder of Break Free Formula
(featured by PBS, CNN, Dr. Oz)
TV Host & National News Commentator
Born: Rye, CO | Based: Santa Monica, CA

Gemita Samarra

Luminary / Leader | Rider
Photojournalist | Writer | Artist | Humanitarian
Founder of NGO ‘My Name is Human’ | Surfer
Founder of NGO ‘Refugees for Refugees’ | Skater
Environmentalist | Public Speaker | Pro Stunt Woman
Animal Rights activist | Documentary Producer
Born: Bristol, UK | Based: Global Citizen | Age: 25

Lee Morrison

Luminary / Leader | Rider
Professional Stuntman | Professional Motocross
Stunt Coordinator | Actor | Producer
Stunt work on Multiple James Bond films, The Bourne Ultimatum
Tomb Raider, | Avengers, Green Lantern and many more
Born: London, UK | Based: Jersey, British Isles | Age: 44

Matthias Giraud

Luminary / Leader | Rider
Professional Skier & B.A.S.E jumper
First person to Ski B.A.S.E jump off the Matterhorn
Inspirational Public Speaker | AKA “Super Frenchie!”
Born: Evreux, France | Based: Bend, OR | Age: 35

Kelle Huston

Luminary / Leader
Chief Operating Officer, Nyjah Huston, Inc.
Manager – Top ranked pro skater Nyjah Huston
Founder – Let It Flow organization for clean water
Born: Los Angeles, CA | Based: Laguna Beach, CA | Age: 47

Cody Barker

Luminary / Leader | Rider
Founder, 12 Step Giving organization for addiction recovery
Project Coordinator – Let It Flow organization for clean water, Skateboarder
Born: Los Angeles, CA | Based: Los Angeles, CA | Age: 33

Kelly Wiglesworth

Luminary / Leader | Rider
Adventure Travel / Class V River Guide | Surfer
Humanitarian  | Advocate for Friends of the River organization
Runner-up CBS Survivor S:1 Borneo | TV Host, Writer
Born: Greensboro, NC | Based: The World | Age 41

Crys Worley

Luminary / Leader | Rider
Founder, A.skate (Autism. Skating with Kids through Acceptance,Therapy, and  Education)
Subject of HeartChild documentary.
Featured in Vans Pass the Bucket
Born: Woodstock, AL | Based: Homewood, AL | Age 36

Mike A. Cohen

Luminary / Leader | Rider
No relation to the film’s Director, Michael Ien Cohen
VP SHUT Skateboards | Creator of LifeValet
“The Concierge” of the NY skateboarding scene
Crew member of NYSkateboarding.com
Snowboard & Skateboard Consultant
Born: New Brunswick, NJ | Based: Brooklyn, NY | Age 44

Jenny Ziemba

Luminary / Leader | Rider
Addictions counselor and case manager for
pregnant women, new mothers, and families on Oahu
Peace Corps Volunteer – West Africa, Surfer
Snowboard Competitor –  X Games, Artist, Skateboarder
Born: Wichita, KS | Based: Honolulu, HI | Age: 43

Robin Eisenberg

Luminary / Leader
Artist | Animator
Entrepreneur | Speaker
Collaborator with Vans, Thrasher, Fender, Adult Swim
Born: Los Angeles, CA | Based: Los Angeles, CA | Age: 35

Sket One

Luminary / Leader | Rider
World famous Modern Neo-Pop Artist / Designer
Global philanthropic collaborator | Speaker
Stoked.org/Zooyork fundraiser board designer
Born: New Haven, CT | Based: Long Beach, CA | Age: 48

Chris Dyer

Luminary / Leader | Rider
World famous skate artist and muralist
Author, Film Maker, Teacher, Speaker, Spiritualist, Skateboarder
Born: Lima, Peru | Based: Montreal, Canada | Age: 39

Rick Rietveld

Luminary / Leader | Rider
World renowned surf artist
Entrepreneur, Co-founder of Maui and Sons, Skateboarder
Born: Los Angeles, CA | Based: Newport Beach, CA | Age: 62

Calleigh Little

Luminary / Leader | Rider
#1 female distance skateboarder in the USA
Skating record setting 3000+ mile cross country journey
Openly transgender professional skateboarder
Born: Boston, MA | Based: North Dakota | Age 27


Rene Lecour

Luminary / Leader | Rider
Founder Amigo Skate Support Organization
Veteran Hip Hop DJ Rene “Sugar” Lecour, Skateboarder
Born: New York, NY | Based: Miami, FL | Age: 51

Yassine Boundouq

Luminary / Leader | Rider
Professional Skateboarder, Official Loaded Boards Ambassador
Ambassador of longboarding in Morocco
Inspirational Speaker: TEDx, Traveler’s Tale
Born: Safi, Morocco | Based: Philadelphia, PA | Age 25

Michael Brooke

Luminary / Leader | Rider
Founder, Longboarding for Peace | Publisher – Concrete Wave Magazine
Author – The Concrete Wave (the History of Skateboarding), Skateboarder
Born: Leeds, United Kingdom | Based: Thornhill, Ontario, Canada | Age 54

Adam Abel & Mohammed Othman

Luminary / Leaders
Filmmakers, Artists, and Activists | Founders of SkateQilya –
co-ed youth empowerment skate program in Palestine, Skateboarders
Adam: Born: Wilmington, DE | Based: New York, NY | Age 42
Mohammed: Born: Jayyous, Palestine | Based: Jayyous, Palestine | Age 42

Charlie Samuels

Luminary / Leader | Rider
Award winning Director and Photojournalist
Director of Virgin Blacktop documentary film
Career-long contributor to The New York Times, Concrete Wave, Sports Illustrated & more
Images used by Supreme, Vans, Burton and more
Born: Piermont, NY | Based: Born: Saratoga Springs , NY | Age: 56

Dr. Isaac Farin, PhD, LMFT

Luminary / Leader | Rider
Licensed Psychotherapist | Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist
Developer of Longboard Therapy® featured on ABC News,
The Miami Herald, Red Book, Concrete Wave, and more, Skateboarder
Born: Miami, Fl | Based: Aventura, FL | Age: 35

Dr. Bryan Conroy, PhD

Luminary / Leader
Senior Research Scientist for a large healthcare technology co.
Princeton University and Adj. Professor, Signal Processing –
The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art
Born: Long Island, NY | Based: Long Island, NY | Age: 34

Zoe Herishen

Luminary / Leader | Rider
Student, Activist, Speaker, Member of GRO (Girls Rider Organization)
Skater in Revlon’s “Girls who slay” national ad campaign,
Born: Bergen County NJ | Based: Bergen County NY | Age 12

~ A beautiful thing ~

In the spirit of the film and its important mission, the entire Humanity Stoked Crew/Production team works for free. All of their time, talent, and even equipment is provided without cost because they support the selfless mission to help inspire people and affect positive change in the word, for the benefit of humanity. (well, that and their love of skateboarding and surfing too!)  Like the film itself, we hope that inspires you already. Much love to all!


Director and Primary Crew

Michael Ien Cohen

Writer, Director, Producer, Narrator | Rider
Cinematographer | Aerial Cinematographer

No relation to the VP of SHUT, Michael A. Cohen
Entrepreneur | Philanthropist | Filmmaker
Software developer | Graphic Designer | Skateboarder
Born: Brooklyn, NY | Based: Long Island, NY | Age 50

Nick Lang

Cinematographer | Aerial Cinematographer | Rider
Award-winning Cinematographer | DP | Editor, Skateboarder
Born: Pittsburgh, PA | Based: Philadelphia, PA | Age: 27

Ian Gibson

Cinematographer | Colorist | Rider
Award Winning Director of Photography
Colorist | Screenwriter | Producer | Skateboarder
Born : Milwaukee, WI | Based: Brooklyn, NY | Age: 23

Bret Walker

Cinematographer | Aerial Cinematographer | Rider
DP | Aerial Cinematographer | DP | Producer
Award winning Director | Skier | Surfer
Born: Long Beach, CA | Based: LA, Denver, Las Vegas | Age: 38

Johnny Coughlin

Cinematographer | DP | Director
Editor | Writer
Projects for FOX, Disney, PBS, Anheuser-Busch
Born: Reading, PA | Based: New York, NY | Age: 26

Jack Morningstar

Cinematographer | Editor | Rider
Cinematographer | Videographer | Producer
Director | Photographer | Skateboarder
Born: Greenwich CT | Based: Westchester NY | Age: 28

Additional Crew

Joel Young

Cinematographer | Rider
DP | Aerial Cinematographer | DP | Producer
Visual Effects Artist | Motion Designer | Animator
Cinematographer | Photographer | Lighting Director
Born: Wilmington, DE | Based: Atlanta, GA | Age: 38

Adam Kure

Motion Graphics | Sound Effects | Rider
Filmmaker | Editor | Multi-Media Designer
Artist | Skateboarder
Born: Cleveland, OH | Based: San Diego, CA | Age: 43

Julian Garofalo

Cinematographer |  DP | Photographer
Cinematographer| DP | Photographer | Graphic Designer
Born: Montreal QC | Based: Montreal QC | Age: 25

Ben Zion Jackson

Cinematographer | Rider
Cinematographer| Skateboarder | Surfer
Director of River’s End Documentary
Born: Laramie, WY | Based: Montreal QC | Age: 30

Joe Sears

Audio Engineer, Music Producer
Pro Tools Instructor, Musician
Born: Brooklyn, NY | Based: Long Island, NY | Age 52

Humanity Stoked is currently in production. More Luminaries, Riders, Cast and Crew are signing on each week. Check back often for interesting surprises. 

If you’d like to be part of Humanity Stoked in any capacity, please email us today at humanitystoked (AT) whatstopsyou.org

Why Support the Arts, Sciences, and Human Rights?

“Art and science have to coexist. They’re both human endeavors … musicians and artists engage other people in a way that people who don’t use music and don’t use art do not.”  ~ Bill Nye, scientist, engineer, author, inventor, educator

Arts promote true prosperity.

The arts are fundamental to our humanity. They ennoble and inspire us—fostering creativity, goodness, and beauty. The arts help us express our values, build bridges between cultures, and bring us together regardless of ethnicity, religion, or age. When times are tough, art is salve for the ache.

Arts strengthen the economy.

The U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis reports that the arts and culture sector represents 3.25 percent of the nation’s GDP—a larger share of the economy than tourism and agriculture. The nonprofit arts industry alone generates $135 billion in economic activity annually (spending by organizations and their audiences) that supports 4.1 million jobs and generates $22.3 billion in government revenue.

Science Teaches Children To Identify And Solve Problems.

A basic human motivator is to try to understand WHY. Why did something happen? How does something work? Curiosity about the world around us, about what makes it tick is at the foundation of invention, creativity, and problem solving. In an even broader way, that’s beneficial to humanity, the study of science and the scientific method, helps children develop their ability to identity problems and develop solutions.

Arts spark creativity and innovation.

The Conference Board reports that creativity is among the top 5 applied skills sought by business leaders—with 72 percent saying creativity is of high importance when hiring. The biggest creativity indicator? A college arts degree. Their Ready to Innovate report concludes, “The arts—music, creative writing, drawing, dance—provide skills sought by employers of the 3rd millennium.” Nobel laureates in the sciences are 17 times more likely to be actively engaged in the arts than average scientists.

Arts improve healthcare.

Nearly one-half of the nation’s healthcare institutions provide arts programming for patients, families, and even staff. 78 percent deliver these programs because of their healing benefits to patients—shorter hospital stays, better pain management, and less medication.

Arts improve academic performance.

Students with an education rich in the arts have higher GPAs and standardized test scores, and lower drop-out rates—benefits reaped by students regardless of socio-economic status. Students with 4 years of arts or music in high school average 100 points better on their SAT scores than students with just one-half year of arts or music.

Civil rights is basic human dignity.

Civil rights and human rights have always been intertwined. At the heart of the civil rights movement is the basic human dignity of all people and their right to live in freedom and with justice and equal opportunity.  In this global age, national borders are becoming ever more porous. The interdependency of the world’s people is growing exponentially. Events in other parts of the world related to the economy, environment, workers rights, etc. affect all of us.

Arts are an export industry.

U.S. exports of arts goods (e.g., movies, paintings, jewelry) grew to $72 billion in 2011, while imports were just $25 billion—a $47 billion arts trade surplus.

Arts have social impact.

Nearly one-half of the nation’s healthcare institutions provide arts programming for patients, families, and even staff. 78 percent deliver these programs because of their healing benefits to patients—shorter hospital stays, better pain management, and less medication.

Arts mean business.

The Creative Industries are arts businesses that range from nonprofit museums, symphonies, and theaters to for-profit film, architecture, and design companies. A 2014 analysis of Dun & Bradstreet data counts 750,453 businesses in the U.S. involved in the creation or distribution of the arts that employ 3.1 million people—representing 4.2 percent of all businesses and 2.2 percent of all employees, respectively. (Download a free Creative Industry report for your local community.)

Let’s Understand Philanthropy and Humanity

Philanthropy: (from Greek φιλανθρωπία) means etymologically, the love of humanity, in the sense of caring, nourishing, developing, and enhancing what it means to be human.

Humanity Stoked is a 100% non-profit film, produced by the WhatStopsYou.org Foundation, a 501c3 charitable organization dedicated to helping people live more fulfilling, philanthropic lives, while raising money and awareness for causes that help move humanity forward in positive and more creative ways.

Humanity Stoked is being produced to help promote awareness and raise funds to benefit humanity through fields of science, art, music, history, LGBTQ rights, environmental issues, politics, and legal issues.

100% of the film’s REVENUE goes to charity

That’s right, all the revenue (not just profit) goes to charity. What’s more, we’re experts at making films without waste, and so more money goes to the causes we support!  How do we do that? First and foremost, the people involved in our film have a love and a passion for their causes and the advancement of humanity worldwide.  That means everyone from the cast and crew are offering their time, talent, and love pro bono, thus eliminating waste at every turn.

That makes us feel good and we hope you feel good about it, too.

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