Humanity Stoked was produced with an effective budget of zero. We received no funding or financial backing of any kind. Everyone involved in the production of this film did so on a volunteer basis only, and all media including archival footage, published and original music was created/licensed free of charge. What’s more, 100% of our revenue (from distribution, merchandise…everything) is for charity.  Although the end credits include “special thanks” sections, the entire end credit sequence and everyone in it should be considered a “special thanks”

That being said, please visit our supporters page for logos and links to the websites for the many dozens of people and companies that supported Humanity Stoked by donating their products, services, shooting locations, and more.

NOTE: Below are the end credits alone, but in the movie, the end credit sequence also includes nearly 10 minutes of additional video clips, BTS photos and clips, as well as funny outtakes.